Physical Computing . 12/12/2011

Ah, so satisfying #1: to finally see the mockup in full scale (especially when that moment comes after installing hundreds and hundreds of loops of thread).
Ah, so satisfying #2: , to see people play with it.

The Psychology of my Apartment

Physical Computing . 19/10/2011

Reading Don Norman’s The Psychology of Everyday Things reminded me of several curious aspects of my NYC apartment –the faucet that affords turning but doesn’t, the bathroom door that opens directly to the kitchen and the intercom: three buttons! Press to speak. Press to listen. Press for door. The mailman almost left the first couple of times I tried to use it (he said “I thought –is she ignoring me??”)

Fantasy Device

Physical Computing . 26/09/2011

Stupid Pet Trick

Physical Computing . 26/09/2011

My (silly) idea is inspired in a good aspect of communication via IM: you know whether someone is busy or just passing time before approaching them.

A rough prototype:

Prototype in action:

Sensor Walk

Physical Computing . 25/09/2011

Hello electronics!

Physical Computing . 19/09/2011

This week I set up a breadboard for the first time, and wrote my first Arduino program, which turned an LED on and off. I added an acrylic cube around it. For dramatic effect.