Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set Review

Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set Review

The Alesis Nitro electric drum kit is affordably priced and feature-packed. It comes with eight-inch rubber drum pads, kick pad tower and bass drum pedal, ten-inch cymbals, and a four-post aluminum rack. This is the perfect setup for the beginner on a budget, and the basic design and included presets, make it easy and fun to use, learn, and practice on.

Alesis is a well-known name in the music industry. Their innovative drum kit designs, intuitive setups, and feature-packed kits continue to make them a leader in the industry, but with a total redesign of the past model, does the Nitro offer the same type of realistic sound and quality?

Alesis Electronic Drum Set Rundown and Features

A closer look at this entry-level electronic drum set reveals some impressive specs and great features. It comes with three hundred and eighty-five sounds and sixty songs you can drum along with.

The rack is impressively sturdy and comes with memory lock features and height adjustment.

The setup process is pretty straightforward and should take no more than an hour, even for beginners. Once the setup is complete the set should take up about six by four feet, depending on how you position it. This model is probably the largest electronic drum set in this price range, but it’s also one of the sturdiest.

The kit comes with an eight-inch dual-zoned snare pad, a dual-zone ten-inch crash, a few single-zoned tom pads, a couple of single-zoned cymbal pads designed for the ride cymbal and hi-hat, a four-post drum rack for ultimate stability, and a hi-hat controller. Buyers will also get a DMPAD kick pad which features anti-creep spikes, a durable pressed steel housing, and a single-zone pad. There’s also a bulky kick pedal which partners up with the kick pad, a user’s manual and drumsticks.

The module has a couple of jack sockets located at the rear for expansion purposes and corresponding pad buttons located on top of the module.

The upper portion of the module features a display and a variety of control buttons while the lower portion features just twelve push buttons.

Each of the pads attaches to the module using a D-type connector. The connector works to speed up initial setup so the user can avoid plugging in a ton of leads.

The vivid monochrome display has a power saving feature that will automatically shut the kit off if it’s not used for half an hour.

Electronic Drum Kit Pros and Cons

Alesis Nitro Kit Electronic Drum Set

Pros: One thing most drummers will love about this kit is it’s responsive and quiet cymbals and drum pads. They’re made of a high-quality rubber that provides a realistic feel and the ability to practice anywhere at any time.

Most consumers were surprised by the versatility and wide range of sounds this kit offers. The backlit LCD display will help you to easily navigate through the different features. The drum and cymbal buttons have a similar setup to the traditional kits which will make it faster and easier to create your own kits or assign sounds.

The Nitro’s forty modern and classic kits make learning how to play different drumming styles seem almost too easy. Drummers can play existing kits or create one using the percussion sounds, cymbal, or the 385 drum.

The Nitro offers a ton of extra functions from the onboard metronome to the play-along tracks. You can experiment using the module’s performance recorder and sequencer. This model also features a USB MIDI connection, so you can use the drums with a mobile device, laptop, or PC.

You’ll also find old school MIDI I/O jacks that allow you to use any type of audio equipment, MIDI-equipped drum machine or sound module. For quiet practice sessions, the included headphone jack will definitely come in handy, especially if you live in an apartment.

The stereo outs can be easily connected to an amp, PA or any type of recording console you want. The stereo aux input ports can also be used with an MP3 player or CD player, so you can play along to any of your favorite songs.

Not only can you connect the drums to your PC using the MIDI and USB connection, but it can also be connected to virtual instruments or your favorite recording software. This model is also cross compliant and works with both PCs and Macs and you won’t have to download special software or drivers. This versatile set is compatible with most modern operating systems.

The programmed play-along tracks can be tweaked in a number of ways including tempo and volume. While the main key can’t be adjusted, you can toggle the drums via the drum off key which is found on the front of the module.

You can also use other types of dual-zone single pads with the module, however, it will work best when it’s connected to the set’s components. You can also hook up third-party triggers, but they won’t respond very well. We recommend only connecting the included cymbals or drums for optimal sound.

Cons: We found that this newest electronic drum set by Alesis actually has fewer pads than their last model, which is a drawback for some consumers. The addition of a half-open hi-hat or a triple zone ride would’ve been a nice upgrade.

Nitro Kit Conclusion and Rating

The Nitro by Alesis comes with forty-two beats designed to help you practice, an intuitive module that’s easy to use, even if you’re a beginner, a solid four-post aluminum rack that’s impressively sturdy, and the ability to use this set with a double bass pedal, which is rare for a model in this price range. The Nitro is a top-selling model that offers plenty of bang for your buck.

With the ability to expand, and a kit that’s easy to set up and break down, it comes as no surprise that this model received a consumer rating of four and a half stars.

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