Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Set Review

Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Set Review

The Yamaha DTX400K electronic drum set is perfect for the beginner, featuring a hundred and sixty-nine percussion and acoustic drum sounds, with added accent articulation. This drum set is the total package. And it comes with everything the beginner needs to get started.

This set consists of ten drum kits, so the creative possibilities are endless. Inside this package, you’ll find forty-two percussion instruments, thirty-one cymbals, thirty-six toms, twenty-one kick drums, and twenty-three snares.

We recommend this kit to beginners due to its educational features that include practice drumming games and a variety of warm-up routines to choose from.

In addition to the kit, buyers will also get a polishing cloth, headphones, drumsticks, and drum throne.

Yamaha Drum Kit Assessment and Features

The included pads feature ten-inch crash and hi-hat cymbals. The seven-inch drum pads have been redesigned for improved durability and realistic sound that enhances overall playability.

When it comes to hardware, this set comes with an authentic Yamaha bass drum pedal and the KU100 kick unit. The HH65 hi-hat control will allow half open sound.

As we have mentioned, this set comes with everything the beginner needs to get started, including ten play-along songs, ten preset kits, ten interactive training functions that include voice guidance, seven-inch drum pads, remote hi-hat, large ten-inch crash and ride cymbals, kick unit, a hundred and twenty-seven instrument sounds, and a hundred and sixty-nine drum sounds.

This is a compact, lightweight set that consists of a basic steel rack, with some of the elements already mounted to the rack’s cross member. To tighten all the parts a standard drum key is used. Once the set is assembled it’s very sturdy, resting on two legs. The kit can also be folded into a small, convenient package for transport or storage.

Like most affordably priced drum kits, none of the components is free-standing, instead, they all attach to the rack. The rack toms are directly mounted to the horizontal bar on the rack and don’t come with tom arms. This design can restrict their positioning slightly, however, it’s still possible to move them right or left or you can raise and lower the bar.

With the floor toms, these components are mounted to an additional arm that enables the user to angle them in the desired position.

The set comes with a couple of PCY90 cymbal pads, both of which feature a new design. The cymbals feature a cutout design that leaves the remaining three-quarters of the cymbals covered in rubber. The cymbals attach to the rack’s legs using a thin metal rod which connects to a bracket. The cymbals are very stable; however, the bracket can stick at times, making the cymbals difficult to adjust.

The hi-hat and snare connect to the main rack via an L-shaped bar. The snare is mounted at a fixed distance from the hi-hat, however, this didn’t pose any issues for most users.

Yamaha Drum Set Pros and Cons

Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Set Pros: All of the components feature a hard-plastic backing and are covered in solid rubber. They’re velocity sensitive and don’t feel too hard, offering a great rebound. The drums feature a good range of dynamics.

The included control pedal allows for accurate closed and open sounds.

The kick drum works surprisingly well but can take some getting used to. For some consumers, a real pad with a pedal is preferable, but Yamaha’s beaterless kick drum approach offers plenty of advantages when it comes to reducing noise.

This kit is silent in that it doesn’t produce sound unless it’s amplified. However, it can definitely generate some ambient noise, the kick drum being the biggest culprit.

The control module is small with no knobs or an LCD display. Instead, you’ll find a few rows of buttons that light up when pressed. This minimalist approach means the buttons work as both a way to provide feedback and select tools. On the upper part of the module, you’ll find ten buttons that are labeled one through nine. The last button is labeled ten and zero. Under this row is the song and kit selection buttons, the metronome button, and the play and stop buttons which control playback and training sessions. The last row of buttons consists of drum mute, training selection, and power buttons.

The training feature is probably one of this model’s biggest selling points. This set offers ten training functions including fast blast, part mute, change, tempo up and down, rhythm gate, and groove check. Ever option covers a different skill and will enable the beginner to work on certain aspects of their timing and rhythm. Even better, Yamaha recently released a couple of iPhone apps. The Dtx400 Drum Lessons app provides easy to follow video tutorials that focus on basic techniques including how to correctly hold drumsticks and how to play the hi-hat. It includes visual examples of real drummers playing the drums, and allow users to follow along with the built-in demo songs.

The Song Beats app will allow drummers to download MIDI files from the Yamaha store and enjoy visual representation of the drum parts played. This app is similar to the popular Rock Band video game. Both apps are great choices for the beginner.

Cons: For the price, it comes as no surprise that the hi-hat is a fixed cymbal that uses the same PCY90 pad. The mini-jack connections give the control module a cheap feel. Most drummers stated they would have preferred separate headphone and main out sockets. For some, the lack of an LCD display was a major drawback.

Electronic Drum Set Conclusion and Rating

The DTX400K electronic drum set by Yamaha offers a fantastic sound and comes loaded with all the presets you could want. However, this is a drum set that’s more designed for the beginner than the serious drummer who would prefer using a set of electronic drums that sound more like acoustic drums as opposed to a set that’s loaded with a ton of bells and whistles. Overall. We felt it would be a great fit for anyone who’s interested in learning how to play the drums or for the avid acoustic drummer who’s looking for a set of low-key electronic drums they can use to practice on. Consumers who purchased this drum set gave it a rating of four out of five stars.

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